What makes our Botox treatments the best? With our Botox treatments, you can visit our Upper East Side office during your lunch break - and make it back for your next meeting with no visible effects.

Botox works by preventing wrinkle causing muscles from contracting and thereby making wrinkles. It does this by blocking the all important nerve impulses in the treated area which actually stimulate the muscle to contract, making the wrinkle. Botox is a non-surgical, injectable treatment that has been proven safe and effective in softening, reducing and even eliminating fine and medium lines and wrinkles that may seem etched into your skin. Botox can smooth crow’s feet, forehead furrows, frown and lip lines. It can diminish neck bands and improve the appearance of skin dimpling of the chin. Botox can lift the downturned corners of your mouth, soften a square jawline, and even correct a gummy smile. Overall, Botox treatments are simple, easy and incredibly effective. And the best part? There’s no downtime. So before you consider surgery, Botox is a great option for gaining back the youthful-looking skin you think you’ve lost.

When you have Botox done in our Upper East Side office, you can expect your skin to be smoother, better and more youthful-looking. You’ll feel and look like you’ve taken years off your age and you’ll fall in love with your skin again. In addition to all of the immediate results of Botox there is a secondary benefit that is just as important: The prevention of the development of future etched lines especially on your face in areas like your forehead, between your eyebrows, lipstick bleed lines and your crow’s feet. Developing wrinkles like crow’s feet is (unfortunately) incredibly easy since smiling, squinting, and sleeping all contribute to forming crow’s feet. Dr. Schultz explains, “To get an idea of how wrinkles form from innocent repetitive motion, think of a paperclip. If you bend it back and forth, after a short period of time, the paperclip will be damaged and breaks. This is the same process with your skin! Repetitive motions that cause any creasing in your skin can break your skin’s collagen and elastic fibers, thereby causing wrinkles anywhere on your face, not just around the eyes.” When the collagen in your skin breaks, that’s how you get permanently etched lines. The most common form of those etched wrinkles are the horizontal lines across your forehead, deep crow’s feet around the eyes, and “11” lines between your brows. Prevention is the most valuable function of Botox because it stops the skin from forming new wrinkles and deepening existing ones caused by the repetitive motion of underlying muscles, which fold and thereby break your collagen and elastic fibers . Dr. Schultz says, “If you do Botox regularly for ten years then, you set the clock back ten years!” It’s as simple as that. Once you stop Botox, you’ll resume the skin wrinkling process again. The amazing benefit of Botox is the fact that your skin is firmer, smoother, and even looks brighter and younger. You reduce the look of wrinkles and end up looking years younger. But Dr. Schultz says there’s even more: “Most people think of Botox as something to make them look relaxed, but that’s secondary in importance: it’s really about prevention of more wrinkles and deepening existing ones.”

No, it’s not. Filler restores the volume that’s been lost from broken collagen fibers so it reduces the appearance of an existing, deeply etched wrinkles that Botox cannot. Botox, on the other hand, stops muscles from moving and creating the lines, wrinkles and contours that come from that movement. The greatest value of Botox is to stop the creasing in the skin that creates wrinkles later in life. The earlier it’s started, the less likely you’ll end up with etched lines and creases as you get older. And then, when you do find a fine line or wrinkle here or there, you can always use filler to restore the lost volume. Come to our office on the Upper East Side to learn more about how Botox works and what it can do for you.

Botox is an incredible technique for reducing and even eliminating appropriate wrinkles. But as Dr. Schultz always reminds us, “Wrinkles only account for five percent of aging-related skin issues, and if you really want to look younger and better you’ve got to treat the other 95%!” While Botox helps reduce and prevent further wrinkles, combining this treatment with other skin procedures that smooth the skin by removing accumulated dead cells such as Glycolic “No Downtime” Peels, Fillers, or Laser Treatments can give you the radiant, youthful-looking glow you desire. And because Botox is a fairly simple, quick, no-downtime treatment, it’s the perfect complement to most other skin care regimens.

A wide range of patients visit our Upper East Side office for Botox. Dr. Schultz will typically administer about 5-10 Botox treatments a day. There are very few people who can’t have Botox or for whom Botox won’t help to reach their skin care goals. And the effects, while not as immediate as when you have fillers done, are very quick. Most patients will see 90% of the results of their Botox treatment between 4-7 days after their appointment, and 100% within ten days.

You may wonder if a Botox treatment is safe or uncomfortable.. When Botox treatments are done properly, there is a very, very low rate of side effects and, Dr. Schultz adds, “The dose you are receiving CAN”T harm your body." "For instance, you may receive 20-70 units in a treatment, but it would take 3000-4000 units to cause any harm to your body. So there just isn’t enough Botox used in any given treatment that would ever threaten you healthwise.” You may see a small bruise or have some very mild discomfort, but this should resolve itself quickly and easily when your Botox is administered properly.

When you use Botox, you’re temporarily stopping the muscle activity causing you deep wrinkles. But even regular treatment with Botox will not damage your muscles or cause atrophy despite erroneous concerns about this that arose when Botox was first introduced decades ago. It’s important to remember that the effects of Botox last approximately three months, so if you decide not to continue your Botox treatments, your muscles will regain their contractile ability and begin making wrinkles again!

The FDA has only studied Botox in patients 18 years of age and older. While that may seem young, remember that Botox not only reduces your existing lines and wrinkles, but it’s also used for prevention of lines and wrinkles later in life. In fact Botox is used safely “off label” in people under 18 years of age for appropriate indications.

Botox wears off in three months, so certainly, when you stop Botox after your first treatment, your skin will reset back to where it was before you were treated. However, if you’ve been using Botox for a couple of years, beyond getting rid of etched wrinkles, you’ve also stopped the worsening of those lines and of course also prevented the formation of new ones. So if you use Botox for several years and eventually stop, you’re actually way ahead of the curve because the lines you would have been creating didn’t form and the existing lines haven’t gotten any deeper.

Dr. Schultz says, “Botox is the single most addicting thing you can do in my office.” That’s because there’s very little risk to the procedure and the results are simply transformative. But rest assured that if for any reason you don’t like the results, in three months it will wear off. About twenty percent of people may have results that last a bit longer. As it starts to wear off, you’ll want to refresh it with another treatment, so as not to resume significant motion in the treated areas. This is because if you don’t keep up with your Botox treatments, you are defeating its potential to prevent etched lines and wrinkles.

No, it’s not! When Botox is injected into the skin or into the muscle (the two most common places where it is injected), it’s almost immediately absorbed onto the surface of the nerves. There’s a great chemical attraction between the Botox molecule and the outside lining of the nerves. Once it’s attracted there and absorbed onto the outside of the nerve, it then goes inside the nerve, which is irreversible. It will not be able to then leave the nerve and migrate somewhere else. That binding occurs within an hour to an hour and a half of the time the medicine is injected. And, at that point, the Botox just can’t do anything else.

You can receive Botox at any dermatologist office in New York City. So why choose our office on The Upper East Side? Because you’ll look (and feel) great and the results look so natural that you look like you don’t have Botox! Our simple philosophy of good cosmetic work is that it should look like it wasn’t done! Our goal is not to freeze people with Botox, but rather slow down the muscles enough so you’re not making the undesirable lines causing etched wrinkles, while still being able to show facial expression. The best cosmetic work looks like no cosmetic work was done at all. This is one of the reasons our office does so many Botox treatments daily. Because of the collective experience we have, our philosophy that less is more, and our technique and knowledge of where to put the Botox in order to give you the best, most natural-looking outcome, you can’t beat the results you’ll get.

When you come in for a Botox treatment in our Upper East Side office, there is no preparation necessary. If possible, try to avoid ibuprofen, aspirin, or other types of blood thinners for several days leading up to your appointment as those items may increase your chance of small bruises. Your Botox appointment can last anywhere between ten to twenty minutes. At the start of your appointment, we will discuss the results you’re looking for and choose the best areas to treat in order to get your desired results. We’ll treat the desired areas and then after your appointment, you’re free to go about your day normally. You can even apply makeup before you leave — just be careful to not put your head down flat for about two hours after your treatment. Most people see their results from Botox within 4-7 days. Your results will last about three months, at which time, if like most people, you absolutely love your Botox, you’ll come back for another treatment to maintain the look you love.

Patient Reviews

I've been seeing Dr. Schultz for the last 8 years and during that time, I've recommended him to countless friends for both cosmetic and medical dermatologic help. I trust him completely both diagnostically and aesthetically. When I had shingles, he was wonderful, incredibly supportive and kind. And when I eased into doing more cosmetic dermatology, he was– and continues to be– patient, careful and cautious. He listens to concerns and really hears what your goal outcome is and works with you to make it happen. I wanted to maintain a natural look while keeping my skin looking fresh and that's just what he's done for me. I always leave his office feeling prettier and well-cared for! If you have a medical concern or something about your skin you want to upgrade, you can't do better than Dr. Schultz and his wonderful team. And the products are amazing as well!

- Laura B.

Dr. Schultz is the most thorough and good natured dermatologist I have ever seen. I have been a patient of his for more than 20 years. He has taught me everything I know about the value of taking care of my skin, a gift that keeps on giving. He also takes the time to listen to me, to see me as an individual and doesn't treat my needs as a one size fits all doctor. I really appreciate his kindness, patience and expertise. I absolutely love his product line and have definitely reaped the rewards from using it, especially his glycolic peel pads and moisturizer, which I can't live without. My skin feels softer, smoother, appears more translucent and actually looks younger! He helped me to see beyond the lines and wrinkles, although he so good at helping to keep those at bay while maintaining a very natural appearance. His staff is outstanding. They make you feel welcome, like family, from the moment you walk through the door. Angela, Monika, Deborah and all of the support staff are extraordinary at what they do. Thank you Dr. Schultz and everyone at Park Ave Skincare. You're the best!

- Laura M.

Dr. Schultz has truly transformed my skin, so much so that I can confidently leave the house without wearing makeup now. During my first meeting with him, he intently listened to my skin concerns, we discussed what my goals were, and he explained pragmatically what treatments and products he recommended for me. I truly appreciate his fantastic bedside manner and conservative approach. I am a perfectionist in every aspect of my life, including my skin, and he understood this and was committed to helping me achieve every skin goal I had. The entire staff is just so fantastic and friendly, from reception to the PAs. They make you feel welcome and extremely comfortable, which to me is very important when visiting any doctor’s office. As someone who works too much and never gets enough sleep, my skin was looking very dull and lifeless. My skin is now full of life again and has an incredible glow to it which I have never had before. And I owe it all to the incredible Dr. Schultz.

- Kelly D.

My partnership with Dr Schultz began more than 30 years ago. As a generous friend, advisor, skilled surgeon, and superb cosmetic diagnostician, he has enabled me to look my best. He has kept me abreast of the most sophisticated procedures and in so doing, has maximized my appearance, always guided by what will be most beneficial for me. He is someone I go to for advice and care and his staff is another manifestation of this care. I don’t know many patients who can say this, and I feel fortunate to be among them.

- Ellen R.

In the four years that I've been a patient of Dr. Schultz, my acne-prone skin has gone from constant breakouts to smooth and clear. These days, I feel confident and comfortable enough in my skin to wear minimal makeup, if any—which I never would have done in years past. He and his warm, friendly staff always go above and beyond; he takes the time to listen, talk with me, and create the best plan for my skin. It's clear he has my best interests in mind, and I trust him wholeheartedly. I would highly recommend him to friends, family, and frankly, anyone who asks.

- Deanna P.

Each session with Dr. Schultz is a mini education in skin care. He approaches each patient as a unique individual with different needs. I’m Asian and he’s explained to me how that impacts treatment in a clear manner that a layperson can understand. At each examination, he recites detailed notes to his staff which he then refers back to at each future appointment, adjusting and tweaking treatment plans when necessary. Over the past two years I’ve seen a remarkable improvement in my blemishes and overall complexion and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to enhance their appearance.

- Sherry G.

I have been a patient of Dr. Schultz for many years, and I continue to be amazed at his medical approach, patience, and professionalism. He takes the time to listen to my health concerns, explains how and why he would like to issue a treatment in a way that I understand , answers all of my questions, and all of his procedures and painless and thorough. He is very attentive, results-oriented, and extremely knowledgeable. He follows up and is committed to my health and satisfaction. The Park Avenue Skincare is a calm environment and the staff are all very friendly, warm, and respectful. It's easy to get appointments at a time that works for me and they are always on time and considerate. I think so highly of him and his practice that I sent my mom to him, and continue to go to his office even though my life is based in midtown west! I have great confidence in the care that he gives.

- Katrina A.

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    We typically recommend that patients do so.

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