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Professional ear piercings are important not only to ensure an optimal cosmetic result, but also to protect yourself from complications including local infections of the pierce site, bloodborne infections, and scarring. By working with Dr. Schultz and the Park Avenue Skin Care team for your ear piercings, you will be able to learn all about the meticulous after care process designed by Dr. Schultz to speed healing and reduce the risk for infections and scarring. Our patients also enjoy knowing that everything is being done in a sterile environment with the proper professional medical equipment – not a “piercing gun”!

Piercings can look amazing, but they can also introduce the risk for scarring, infection, and other diseases if done improperly. Keloids and bloodborne diseases, like hepatitis and HIV, can be serious complications of improper piercings. When you work with a dermatologist for your ear piercings, your health will be in the best hands.

In addition to understanding your aesthetic goals, Dr. Schultz and the Park Avenue Skin Care team will use their expertise to properly place the piercing and perform the piercing without trauma to the adjacent skin or other piercings.

Piercing kiosks are a popular destination for people looking to get ear piercings. Easy access and widespread availability make many people feel safe getting their piercing while they’re out at the mall. However, piercing kiosks are associated with a slew of problems that make them potentially dangerous. Piercing kiosks are unable to properly sterilize the environment and their tools.

Without an autoclave which is what medical professionals use to sterilize their surgical tools and equipment. In a kiosk, piercing tools are unable to be completely cleaned – and plastic piercing guns cannot be sterilized in an autoclave regardless. That means that blood, skin, and bacteria from other people can still be present on piercing guns when it is used on you. Additionally, piercing guns tend to cause more scarring and complications because the earring is forcibly pushed through all the layers of the skin.

Dr. Schultz and Park Avenue Skin Care use sterile piercing needles that are hollow and designed to create a surgical path through the skin to allow for non traumatic insertion and passage of the stud of the jewelry through the skin. Not only are expert ear piercings safer, but the use of non professional piercing materials and techniques can contribute to unsightly scars known as keloids.

Dr. Schultz and the Park Avenue Skin Care team only use the best professional materials for ear piercings and perform them with the hands of vast experience. We take the time to understand your goals and mark the location of your piercing and then show you before the piercing is performed to ensure the location is exactly where you want.

By using local anesthesia and specialized surgical piercing needles, our patients experience a completely painless experience. Additionally, professional ear piercings have a faster healing period than ear piercings done with a piercing gun. Our experts will also take the time to discuss proper (meticulous!) aftercare with you and provide you with written instructions so that you can properly care for your new piercing once you’re home.

With over 35 years of experience and over 250,000 appointments, Dr. Schultz understands the importance of safe and professional ear piercings.

At Park Avenue Skin Care, patients can expect to have a high-end professional painless piercing experience. In our comfortable office, you will be able to select the location of your piercing and work with an expert to learn about what to expect during the painless piercing and afterward.

We use sterile surgical piercing needles to assure precise location of the pierce and to reduce your risk for infection and scarring from the piercing. That way, you can enjoy your piercing and wear the jewelry you love for years to come.

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