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Fraxel is an advanced technology using light energy through lasers to stimulate the collagen in your skin, thereby resurfacing the top skin layer. It works from the top down and only treats the targeted treatment areas, so you’re receiving the most effective and focused results. Using lasers, the treatment can improve your overall skin tone by smoothing its texture, removing any discoloration from brown pigmentation, and giving you an all over more youthful glow. As Dr. Schultz says, “You can’t stop the clock, but sometimes you can turn it back,” and one way to turn it back is with Fraxel lasers. Fraxel has been such a successful therapy that over 800,000 procedures have been done worldwide.

You can use Fraxel technology on any part of your face, neck, hands, and even décolletage. The most common reasons for patients to use Fraxel are fine lines and wrinkles, dark sunspots or liver spots, acne or trauma scars, to improve your tone and texture of your face, hands, décolletage, and neck, superficial pigmentation and Melasma.

Fraxel lasers resurface the top layer of your skin with thermal energy. They gently remove the top layer of your skin that may be crinkly with fine lines, discolored, or cratering due to acne scars, and they stimulate cellular renewal and collagen production underneath that top layer. The result is a fresh-faced and brighter, smoother, firmer-looking complexion you’ll love.

Fraxel is also an incredible technology for repairing uneven skin tone. Whether you’re dealing with sun damage, Melasma, brown spots or unwanted freckles, Fraxel removes discoloration and stimulates natural collagen production in the skin. You’ll gain back an even skin tone that you’ll love to show off, even without makeup!

Fraxel laser technology is an FDA-approved resurfacing technology that is non-invasive, delivering to you gorgeous, glowing skin and keeping you from having to undergo surgery. The recovery time is minimal and the results are highly effective. Once this resurfacing technique is utilized, the body’s natural healing process takes over, creating new tissue that will eventually replace skin imperfections. Because Fraxel helps to rebuild the collagen in your skin, in addition to supporting elastin development, your skin will feel tighter and look more youthful.

Because our office has multiple lasers for skin retexturing and for treating hyperpigmentation, we have the ability to take a tailored approach to your treatments. You know when you come in for Fraxel that we will be addressing exactly what your specific skin problems. People sometimes come in for Fraxel, but they may end up getting a different treatment because other lasers can do a better job and we will always steer you to the best, most effective option. So it’s not just Fraxel that’s available to you for both retexturing and hyperpigmentation. We will help choose the best treatment for you so you don’t feel forced or limited in one direction, guaranteeing you’ll get the very best results you can get.

When you come in for your Fraxel appointment, it will most likely last between 15-45 minutes depending on the areas you’d like to treat. During the laser treatment, some patients have reported a slight sensation of heat, like a light sunburn, on their skin. Depending on the strength of your treatment, you may experience a tiny bit of redness that will diminish as soon as the next day or two afterwards. The results from Fraxel are immediately noticeable, but will continue to develop over the next 3-6 months and can last for several years depending on the treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Fraxel® lasering?

    It’s a common laser resurfacing treatment that treats brown discoloration, dullness, and Read More

  • How does Fraxel® work?

    Fraxel® uses light to deliver thermal energy that stimulates collagen production in Read More

  • How many treatments of Fraxel® do I need?

    Depending on the issues the patient wants to address (color, texture, or Read More

  • Is Fraxel® painful?

    There is mild discomfort. We apply a topical numbing cream on patients Read More

  • How long does it take to heal after a Fraxel® appointment?

    Healing takes place over the four to six days following the appointment. Read More

  • What will my Fraxel® results look like?

    Fraxel® treats brown discoloration, dullness, and fine lines. The results are cumulative: Read More

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