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A Glycolic Peel is efficient and effective rejuvenation for matte-looking, old, tired, clogged, large-pored skin. Every day, dead skin cells build on the surface of your skin, causing the discoloration and dullness that make you look older than you are. Using his proprietary formula of glycolic, Dr. Schultz’s Glycolic Tetrafoliant Peel removes the dead skin cells causing dullness, making the skin smooth and allowing light to again reflect off your skin, giving you a bright, radiant, more even-toned complexion.

This is what Dr. Schultz calls “the glycolic glow” and the best part is you own it! You wake up with it and you go to sleep with it. Not only will your skin look flawless, but you’ll get an “airbrush finish” with your makeup. Because those clumping, dead skin cells will be removed, your makeup will go on even smoother and all of your skincare products will apply, absorb, and work better. So whether you choose to wear makeup or go fresh faced out into the world, your makeup and skin will look better than ever.

When you come into the office for a Glycolic “No Downtime” Peel, your skin gets rejuvenated with uniquely formulated glycolic, making it both extremely effective yet non-irritating. This gives you the advantage of having the best and most effective exfoliation without any irritation or downtime. Prior to the glycolic that we formulated, a glycolic peel had two options: either it would be effective and extremely irritating, with irritation lasting a few days and giving you trouble with makeup and other products, or it wouldn’t be irritating, but neither would it give you the results you were craving. Dr. Schultz’s glycolic formula gives you the smooth, radiant, bright results you want with no irritation or downtime so immediately after the peel, you get on with your day.

The whole problem with these dead cells that clump and form tiny, invisible mounds on your skin is they don’t stay away! They start coming back the next day after they’re removed, because that’s just the nature of your skin. Dr. Schultz says, “The glycolic treatment in our office will give a real burst to the brightness of your skin and jumpstarts the improvements and benefits you’ll see.”

If you want to fast track the improvement and sustained improvement in your skin, you can get your Glycolic “No Downtime” Peel in our office every week to two weeks. The process of getting your glow is something that can be honed over time. Once you build up to the level of glowing, radiant skin that you’ve always wanted, the optimal frequency is doing a peel once a month, while exfoliating at home every day. Dr. Schultz says, “You also need the same type of glycolic products to use at home because in a day or two your skin makes more dead skin cells.” That’s why Dr. Schultz poured his in-office experience and the patient-proven results of over 100,000 peels into his BeautyRx Progressive Peel. So after your visit, you can take your glow home with you! Exfoliating every single day is your best bet to maintain that higher potency “jumpstart glow” you’ll get in the office with Dr. Schultz.

The beautiful thing about this simple, effective process is it’s possible to treat your entire body to fresh, bright, radiant, more youthful-looking skin! Beyond the face, patients see Dr. Schultz to peel their chest and décolletage, the back of their hands, and neck. Our Glycolic “No Downtime” Peel is also suitable for anywhere you have dry or rough skin, such as your arms or legs. Unless you have unusually sensitive skin in a certain area, there is no place the peel won’t benefit your skin.

The peel is ageless. It starts to become effective in teenage years when teenagers may be dealing with clogged pores, acne breakouts, and excess oil. The Glycolic Peel will clean out the clogged pores and reduce the excess oil that causes acne. As patients get into their 20s and 30s, the peel becomes even more effective at rejuvenating the skin by smoothing and brightening its appearance. But it doesn’t stop there — Dr. Schultz has patients who are in their 90s coming in for their monthly peels!

The only people who shouldn’t have this procedure done are those with an active infection, such as obvious sores or blisters, or someone who has an active cold sore. You should avoid the peel if you have bright, red skin from a sunburn or if you’re in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Glycolic acid, derived from cane sugar, is in the group of active compounds known as AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). Glycolic has the smallest molecules in the group so it penetrates the skin more deeply and easily, making it the most effective for treating fine lines, acne, blackheads, dullness, excess oil, and especially tired and older looking skin.

Salicylic is in the group of BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids) and has limitations to the strength that you can actually use. Dr. Schultz says, “Salicylic acid is not as effective as total facial exfoliation. It’s good for spot acne treatment in 1-2% concentrations, which is helpful for active pimples, but not in actually helping to prevent acne.” Additionally, most salicylic acids can be irritating to the skin.

These days, there is no shortage of options for getting a superficial peel. It’s a fairly typical service provided by most dermatologists. So why should you choose Park Avenue Skin Care? It’s simple. Dr. Schultz’s Glycolic “No Downtime” Peel is unlike any other peel you can get in any other dermatologist’s office.

This is because we use our proprietary glycolic preparation that’s completely unique to our practice. It was developed over 10 years, coupled with the insights we’ve gained from over 60,000 in-office peels. It’s clinically-tested, patient-proven and specifically formulated to make it the most effective peel you can get without irritation or downtime. Dr. Schultz says, “Nobody else has this level of glycolic activity and efficacy with zero irritation.” Remember: not all glycolics are created equal! Typically, if you’re getting a truly effective treatment, you will have downtime for days after the treatment preventing you from going about your life normally.

Efficacy combined with gentleness is where we stand out. We know you want that flawless, youthful-looking, bright, radiant, even-toned, small-pored, gorgeous glow without having to put your life on hold. And at Park Avenue Skin Care, that’s what we deliver, every single time.

There is no need to prepare for your Glycolic “No Downtime” Peel appointment. When you come in, you’ll discuss with our team what areas you’d like to treat and we’ll cleanse those areas for you. Your glycolic treatment will be applied and left to set for two minutes. You may feel a tiny tingle during the treatment itself, but that will fade during the two minutes, or when you wash the treatment off your face and body. After rinsing off the treatment, that’s all there is to it, you’re all set! You can go about your day as usual, apply makeup if you’d like, or show off your fresh, new glow to the world without it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is glycolic acid?

    Glycolic acid is a type of alpha hydroxy acid. It’s an active Read More

  • What does glycolic acid do?

    Glycolic acid penetrates the skin and gently removes the “glue” holding the Read More

  • How do I use glycolic acid?

    Glycolic acid can be applied at home in the form of a Read More

  • Is my skin going to be red after a glycolic peel?


  • Will a glycolic peel make my skin peel?

    No, it will not peel. It will feel smoother and look brighter. Read More

  • Can I put on makeup after a glycolic peel?

    Yes, you can immediately apply makeup.

  • Can I go in the sun after my treatment?

    Yes, and we always recommend that you wear sunscreen.

  • Is there any downtime for a glycolic peel?


  • How can a 30% glycolic acid peel also be gentle?

    Dr. Schultz precisely formulated his unique glycolic treatments to ensure potency without Read More

  • Can the glycolic peel be performed on other parts of the body?

    Yes. We can also provide the treatment on the tops of the Read More

  • How quickly will I see results from my glycolic peel, and how long will the results last?

    The peel process takes two minutes, and you should see results immediately Read More

  • What type of skin can handle a glycolic peel?

    Dr. Schultz’s glycolic “no downtime” peel is suitable for all skin types, Read More

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