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If you have a tattoo that has faded, been damaged, is no longer relevant to your life, was simply a “mistake,” or didn’t come out the way you wanted it to, you are a candidate for laser tattoo removal.

In the past, laser tattoo removal was not appropriate in people with darker complexions or those who had tattoos with certain colors. Now, those factors are no longer a barrier to getting a tattoo removed. With technical expertise and state of the art equipment, Park Avenue Skin Care is here to help you with laser tattoo removal.

In the past, tattoo removal was rudimentary and uncomfortable. Some people went as far as trying to use abrasives to remove the tattoo or even had them cut out surgically (ouch!). Both of these inadequate tattoo removal techniques always caused scarring worse than the tattoo.

Once laser tattoo removal became available, more people than ever wanted to get their tattoos removed because of the efficacy and very limited downsides. However, people with darker skin tones were not able to book this procedure. At the time, fewer lasers were available and that limited who was able to get their tattoo removed. Since laser wavelengths determine which skin types and ink colors can be treated, new innovations have made it possible for most people to successfully remove their tattoos.

The number of sessions needed to remove a tattoo is affected by many factors. Most important is whether your tattoo was done by a professional tattoo artist or an amateur like your friend…or even you! Professional tattoos have much more ink in them and therefore require more treatments than amateur tattoos, which tend to have much less ink.

In general, professional tattoos often require 10-12 treatments while amateur tattoos need about 5-6 treatments. Other factors influence the number of treatments needed include the size, age, and colors of ink in the tattoo. Your skin tone can lead to a longer or shorter course of treatment.

You will learn more specific information about how many sessions you may need during your consultation. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Schultz understands the importance of removing tattoos effectively and painlessly so that patients can begin to love their skin again.

Laser tattoo removal is a relatively safe procedure. The wavelengths from the laser are targeted to reduce the appearance of inks without damaging the surrounding tissue. It is important to keep in mind that laser tattoo removal sites are at risk for infection since it is an open wound.

Throughout the healing process, it is important to maintain proper care to minimize scarring and other complications. Dr. Schultz and Park Avenue Skin Care give thorough instructions to all patients after laser tattoo removal to help them achieve the best healing and results.

Dr. Schultz has over 35 years of experience, and he is an expert at understanding how to best use various lasers to remove tattoos. During your consultation, Dr. Schultz will examine your tattoo to determine which laser is right for you.

With many different options, most people can be matched with a laser tattoo removal treatment that can effectively remove the unwanted ink from their skin. However, it takes an expert to be able to pair patients with the right treatment for them and then perform the removal without damaging or even scarring the skin.

The laser tattoo removal process begins with a consultation. During your examination, Dr. Schultz will discuss which laser option is best for your skin type, whether the use of local anesthesia will be recommended, and approximately how many treatments you will need.

You will also learn what to expect from the laser tattoo removal process, such as what you’ll feel during your session and how to care for the area afterward. When you arrive for your first appointment, the area will be cleaned to ensure that the laser can effectively work. Depending on the size of your tattoo, each session can last between 10 minutes and an hour.

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