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There are two types of enlarged pores: one is what you typically see on or near the nose, and it either looks like a large blackhead or a blackhead that’s deeper than wide. Then there are mini moon crater shaped pores and they’re wider than they are deep without any visible clogs. They are more common in Asian and Hispanic skin and are hereditary. Dr. Schultz advises, “If you want to know what a normal pore looks like, look at the face of a seven-year old child!”

Dr. Schulz says, “The first group is caused by something I call “pore sludge”. And it’s this thick, gunky mixture of excess oil and dead cells which forms a clog or plug, which then distends the actual pore. And as you make more oil, it gets more distended because the oil can’t get out, so it blows the pore up like a balloon and as it gets wider the pore gets larger.”

To treat and eliminate those types of pores, you need to dissolve, so the pore shrinks back to its normal size. If you’ve had this type of enlarged pore and you’ve had it for a year or two years, or less, it’s easy to treat with the right products, including the Dermstick for Pores and glycolic exfoliants.

These crater shaped enlarged pores are very different from those caused by pore sludge, which show themselves more in different ethnic groups, mostly Asians and Hispanics. This type of enlarged pore is more difficult to treat because they are permanent. They are almost analogous to scarring because the pore is sort of misshapen. However, those pores can be treated and diminished with Fraxel or Profractional Lasers.

You may be trying to use foundation and concealer to hide your enlarged pores and other ingredients in the Dermstick for Pores, but makeup will only make them worse and even make them look worse, too. Most products for treating pores slide over the pores, instead of getting inside where the sludge is and where they need to act, and that’s why they don’t work. Your enlarged pores are clogged by excess oil, dead cells, and dirt. So choosing products with the right ingredients to both penetrate into the pore sludge and to then dissolve it is essential for cleaning out enlarged pores, which then allows them to shrink down to their normal, invisible size.

Glycolic exfoliation effectively removes all the dirt and debris that sits both on the surface of your skin as well as removing dead cells that might be clogging your pores. When the glycolic exfoliant dissolves the pore sludge, then the product can go deeper into the pore to get more of the “junk” out. Dr. Schultz says, “It’s a positive feedback cycle as it removes the pore sludge that’s distending the pore, which allows the pore to return to its former invisible size.”

You can use Dr. Schultz’s Progressive Peel or supercharge your treatment by coming in for a Glycolic “No Downtime” Peel. In addition to glycolic exfoliants, using a product with all the ingredients necessary to dissolve pore sludge, like our Dermstick for Pores, can make a huge difference in reducing the look of enlarged pores.

If you want to eliminate your enlarged pores once and for all, Dr. Schultz and his team have an incredible understanding of how enlarged pores develop, the difference between different types of enlarged pores, and how to effectively treat them. This understanding over the years has helped Dr. Schultz develop a super effective glycolic formula, which is proprietary and not available elsewhere. This enormous experience from administering more than 60,000 glycolic peels (which can be an important part of the enlarged pore treatment), our proprietary glycolic formula, and the Dermstick for Pores, are all quintessential to the successful treatment of enlarged pores. You can be sure you’re getting the best treatment in our office or at home with treatments and products that actually work.

When you come in for your appointment, there is no need to prepare. Your doctor and our staff will determine which kind of enlarged pore you have and will then propose a treatment plan for your skin. Whether it’s a Glycolic Peel, Dermstick for Pores, or Lasers, your enlarged pores can be improved in as little as a week to four weeks. You’ll see meaningful improvement and, if you continue these treatments, that improvement will last.

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